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Attorney Emilio Micalizzi

The lawyer Emilio Micalizzi was born in Palermo on June 26, 1986.


Graduated  at the ITISA Volta of Palermo, he enrolled at the Faculty of Law of Palermo, where he graduated with a thesis in Criminal Procedure Law entitled "Personal Freedom and Presumption of Non-Guilt - procedural-criminal, philosophical and moral profiles".

He immediately began to collaborate at the law firm of Avv. Marino in the management and processing of legal practices and proceedings, falling within the scope of Civil Law, as well as with Avv. Calafiore, also of the Court of Palermo, for what concerns the branch of Criminal Law.

In 2020 he obtained the Master in "Corporate Law and Bankruptcy Law" as well as, thanks to the experience gained in the sports field, the "II Level Master in Sports Law and Management" at the University of Palermo.

It has particular regard for the interests of its customers, so much so as to offer them the opportunity to be protected and assisted under every professional profile in the development, realization and achievement of their personal and business goals and interests.

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